Gold-Vit C 1000 Forte Olimp - Health 30 caps

A new generation of vitamin C! To be taken only once a day!

Gold-Vit C 1000 Forte is dietary supplement containing vitamin C of a new generation PureWay-C in increased dosage. The product has been developed especially for those with increased requirement of highly bioaccessible and efficiently-working vitamin C. PureWay-C is a patented form of vitamin C-a complex of ascorbid acid in microcapsules and natural plant waxes (fat metabolites). Mild for the stomach and supporting immune system, the product is enriched with citrus bioflavonoids, which enhance vitamin C antioxidant capacity.

Gold-Vit C 1000 Forte is recommended especially for those who lead a very busy, stressful and exhaustive lifestyle. A superb, innovative product meant for athletes, people who are physically active and cigarette smokers. This dietary supplement is beneficial to organism's immunity, therefore it is especially recommended in autumn-winter season, where there is an increase in incidence of infectious bacterial and viral diseases.

PureWay-C is the most efficient, patented vitamin C, the fact that has been confirmed in numerous research studies carried out in the past few years. This vitamin C is best examined and most up-to-date form of vitamin C in the market.

- Has been scientifically proved to have the highest bioaccessibility.
- Has the most rapid absorption into the bloodstream, and it is also best absorbed by cells.
- Is much more accessible for biochemical reactions.
- Due to its unique composition-microcapsules-and the presence of fat metabolites.
- It permeates cell membranes more easily.
- It stays active for much longer time and has the highest retention coefficient.
- Das exceptionally strong antioxidant capacity (destroys free radicals in a very efficient way).

Why is vitamin C indispensable for our organism?
Vitamin C is a substance, which our organism cannot produce. Still, it is extremely important in many biochemical and metabolic processes. The functions performed by vitamin in single cells have direct impact on the condition and healthy functioning of the whole organism. Due to its special composition, vitamin C takes part in numerous processes resulting in the production of substances indispensable for our body's everyday existence. What is more vitamin C acts as a ‘guard', protecting our organism, defending it against harmful adverse effects of chemicals, which exist in the surrounding environment, and against chemical compounds, which are by-products of metabolic processes. Let us have a closer look at this unique particle and the tasks it performs in our bodies.

Why is vitamin C important for our immune system?
Vitamin C is exceptionally valuable for our immune system. Due to its unique properties, it helps keep the balance in the immune system, reducing its hyper responsiveness. Well-balanced immune system works more rapidly and efficiently when face with harmful pathogens (viruses, bacteria) or unfavourable environmental factors (contaminants, toxins). Moreover, vitamin C intensifies the activity of immune cells, increasing organism's natural immunity to infections.

Vitamin C-fighting free radicals!
Free radicals are exceptionally reactive substances, which damage many parts of different systems in our organism. Every day millions of cells are exposed to real bombardment of these by-products of metabolic processes. This results in the destruction of DNA and proteins, and in oxidation of fat compounds, e.g. the ‘evil' cholesterol particles that circulate in the bloodstream. Free radicals also trigger many other processes that have destructive impact on our organism leading to its premature aging. In terms of chemistry, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, which neutralizes and destroys free radicals in a very efficient way.

Why is vitamin C indispensable for our skin?
Skin is the greatest organ of our body, and its resistance and elasticity is attributed to the presence of collagen-a protein, which amounts to over 70% of all proteins contained in our organism. Collagen is an adhesive substance-its fibres guarantee appropriate structure and elasticity to skin, bones, tendons, joints, blood vessels, epithelia, nails etc. Not only does collagen ensure good condition of the skin, but also it helps wounds heal. At the first stage of healing, the skin produces large amounts of collagen, which is used to fill in its damaged parts. The skin needs vitamin C to produce collagen, maintain its appropriate level, and stimulate efficient process of wound healing.

Why are traditional forms of vitamin C not efficient enough?
For a certain chemical form of vitamin C to be actively working in our organism, it has to pass through long and difficult path. Having been swallowed, it is to overcome the two main obstacles. First, it has to pass through the alimentary tract and be absorbed into the bloodstream. Secondly, it needs to penetrate a cell membrane and get inside the cell, since the cell needs it to function. Moreover, what is important is the length of retention, which means maintaining the active form of vitamin C in the body. To put it simply, the faster a certain form of vitamin C can force its way through the abovementioned obstacles and the longer it stays active in the body, the more bioaccessible it is for all the chemical processes, which require its presence. Then it is most beneficial for the organism. Traditional forms of vitamin C such as ascorbid acid and calcium ascorbate are absorbed slowly and in a small amount. Moreover, they stay in the body for a short time and are quickly excreted. Thus, larger doses of these forms of vitamin C may cause unnecessary workload for kndneys and urinary system. These problems stem from a special chemical structure, low stability of particles and low permeability through the tissues.

PureWay-C-innovative form of Vitamin C, best and fastest to get absorbed by the body
The most recent research have shown the ultramodern form of vitamin C with fat metabolites (PureWay-C) is much better than its different forms available in the market-ascorbid acid, calcium ascorbate, and calcium ascorbate/treonate (Ester-C). Such innovative form of vitamin C is more easily absorbed, demonstrating an exceptionally good time kinetics. Fat metabolites of vitamin C (PureWay-C) very quickly make their way from the alimentary tract to the bloodstream, therefore, active form of vitamin C can be easily passed to the cells. In a clinical trial made on the group of healthy volunteers, it has been demonstrated that fat metabolites of vitamin C are absorbed faster than other forms of this vitamin, when compared with the control group. When set aside with other kinds of vitamin C available in the market PureWay-C is the most beneficial and the fastest-working type of this active substance, which is so much needed by our organisms.

The fact that PureWay-C is so well absorbed into the bloodstream stems from exceptionally fast permeability of C vitamin fat metabolites through cell membranes. PureWay-C cells in microcapsules have much greater affinity with lipid structures of cell membranes, therefore, they can easily permeate into the inside of the cells. The scientific research has proved that this form of vitamin C is the fastest to be absorbed by human lymphocytes T H9. These immune cells perform immensely important role in the organism. They are the first “defense line” against malicious viruses and bacteria, which means that they have a direct impact on our immunity. Vitamin C is necessary for them to function properly and effectively.

PureWay-C as strong and effective antioxidant
Among the properties differentiating fat metabolites from other forms of vitamin C is also the antioxidant capacity of PureWay-C and its ability to sweep away free radicals. The ability of sweeping away free radicals has been examined by means of analyzing the DPPH reduction level, which made it possible to assess how efficient vitamin C fat metabolites are in fighting free radicals.

It has been proved that PureWay-C is much stronger antioxidant than Ester-C and many kinds of common foods. It has to be emphasized that PureWay-C is not only a product of best quality but also the one that is the fastest to be absorbed by organism. It is the only form of vitamin C, which has undergone such a detailed scientific study.

What is more, the researchers have proved that PureWay-C accelerates and helps natural wound healing process in a much more effective way than other forms of vitamin C. PureWay-C is the most effective vitamin C to support the process of fibroblast adhesion i.e. combining cells that fill skin lesions. It is also best at supporting growth of axons, which are special nerve cell spicules, used to communicate and send nervous impulses. This is especially important for the development of the nervous system.

PureWay-C is available exclusively in products of Olimp Laboratories. Now you can find the best form of vitamin C, which has been subjected to numerous scientific studies in recent years. It is to be found in the preparations: Gold-VitC 1000 Forte and Gold-Vit C 500 Plus. Its quick absorption into the bloodstream and cells has been confirmed in numerous research studies in vitro and in vivo.

Choose PureWay-C, the best vitamin C and you will get:
- A product which is unique and innovative.
- Scientifically well-proven efficiency, confirmed by numerous research studies.
- Trustworthiness-none other products have so voluminous scientific documentation confirming its efficacy.
- Rapid effects: PureWay-C is the fastest form f vitamin C to be absorbed by cells.
- Effective support for your immune system.
- Exceptionally increased bioaccessibility, leading to optimum level of active vitamin C, which is indispensable for an organism.
- PureWay-C-exclusively natural components and numerous health benefits.
- PureWay-C-safe, well-tolerated and stomach-friendly form of vitamin C.

The only product of this kind available in the market!

Only in the preparations Gold-Vit C 1000 Forte and Gold-Vit C 500 Plus!

Who do we recommend Gold-Vit C 1000 Forte for?
The preparation is recommended for adults, especially the ones doing hard physical work, practising professional or recreational sports, and people with increased requirement of vitamin C (due to stress, smoking) as well as in time of reduced immunity (autumn-winter season).


Do not exceed recommended dosage

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.


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