Press Release

Press Release

EDITORIAL: Unique food supplement superstore with a twist- “All products are picked by a Registered Nutritionist”                                                                                PR Date:. 22/09/2020


Social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic led to numerous changes to our lifestyle, food habit, and mental health. We all have to adjust to our new norms of living, shopping, or even traveling. It became important for us than ever, to take care of our health and

balance our nutritional status. Due to various media publications, people started to search for food supplements, minerals, and vitamins during this pandemic.  However, the right food supplements, which are carefully selected by health care professionals, are limited. Individuals selecting the right nutritional supplement for their needs is clouded by misinformation and fake news. Knowledge of nutrition is being turned business and sell unsolicated products and practices.

This is where we are introducing, by a brand new online vitamin and supplements superstore. Each product is carefully selected by a registered nutritionist. Any controversial and non-scientific products are either removed or not selected at all for purchase.

 Nutrients Discovery offers, a large library of vitamins and supplements, vetted by Nutritionists and currently, available on the online market with more and more vitamins and supplement products being added every day based on the quality of the product. They also offer free 15 minutes consultation with registered nutritionists by booking. They also offer paid service for nutritional analysis of food intake and tailor your supplement suggestion.  

 The official Nutrients online warehouse for vitamins and supplements is now currently live and accepting orders with full 24/7 customer care and support with free phone number +44 0800 689 0408 and whatsapp +44 074 669 69 669.