Liporedux SAN 177 ml

Fortunately, LIPOREDUX of SAN is on your side when it comes to burning the last layer of stubborn fat in areas such as the belly, thighs and chin. 

Simply apply LIPOREDUX to your problem areas and begin to experience the results of this innovative formula. 

LIPOREDUX contains a topical fat loss matrix formulated with 6 phase precision aimed at reducing the point at the application site,  while avoiding the negative side effects commonly associated with ingestible fat burners on the market today.  

Consistent in precise amounts of auxiliary ingredients to burn fat, LIPOREDUX is formulated to increase insulin sensitivity in the adipose cell while maximizing the release of cAMP and norepinephrine,  resulting in unparalleled fat depletion wherever the product is applied.  

In addition, Liporedux incorporates a new and novel beta-3-agonist that neutralizes the fatty tissue in the subcutaneous tissue, facilitating the monitoring and evaluation of the diet and the competition process. 

And finally, a highly effective diuretic was incorporated to evaporate the site-specific water retention of hard-to-lose areas such as the glutes, abs and thighs.