Our Products

Our Brands

We sell over 1000+ products across vitamins, minerals and sports supplements. To name the few Solgar, Nature's Bounty, PHIZZ, BetterYou, PHD, Optimum Nutrition, Nordic Naturals and many more.

We are yet to launch our own scientifically validated own brand which is an affordable, acceptable and adaptable own branded micro molecule delivery system of vitamins and minerals in Mid July 2021 in the UK and Global Market.

Our Online Shop

Our Online Shop is unique to all age, sex and income groups delivering affordable, acceptable and adaptable gold standard brands. Our aim is to develop unique categories of food supplements that are tailored to customers' needs. In 2021 we aim to supply products from both Bournemouth and York-based warehouses alongside procurement of 2 other warehouses. We aim to dispatch every single purchase the same day. We also offer live chat service and telephone consultancy to our customers to choose best available products from the specialist ranges, including vegan, vegetarian, kosher and Halal ranges.