Company Information

About Us by UK retailer for vitamins and mineral supplements with over 3000+ products from 20+ manufacturers from across the globe.

Our Brands

We sell over 3000+ products across vitamins, minerals and sports supplements. To name the few Solgar, Nature's Bounty, PHIZZ, BetterYou, PHD, Optimum Nutrition, Nordic Naturals and many more.

We are yet to launch our own scientifically validated own brand which is an affordable, acceptable and adaptable own branded micro molecule delivery system of vitamins and minerals in Mid July 2021 in the UK and Global Market.

Our Online Shop

Our Online Shop is unique to all age, sex and income groups delivering affordable, acceptable and adaptable gold standard brands. Our aim is to develop unique categories of food supplements that are tailored to customers' needs. In 2021 we aim to supply products from both Bournemouth and York-based warehouses alongside procurement of 2 other warehouses. We aim to dispatch every single purchase the same day. We also offer live chat service and telephone consultancy to our customers to choose best available products from the specialist ranges, including vegan, vegetarian, kosher and Halal ranges.

Loyalty Programme

Our customer loyalty programme are next to none. Every £1 spend our customers get 2 points. Therefore, if our customers gets 500 points in total they get £5 off their next purchase. And if they get 1000 points they can get an overall 15% off their total purchase. We hope to launch our own reward programme app in late 2021.

Research, Development, and Innovation

We do not just sell products online but also engage in research, development, and innovation of new products via our research, development, innovation, and manufacturing partner in the UK that aims to address specific health needs. Under the expert leadership team of research, academic and professional background we hope to launch our first-ever high bioabsorbable, efficient and innovative product in the market by Mid 2021.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

We believe in the best customer service and along with this, we want to give back to our own habitable planet. Our Corporate and Social Responsibilities are based around the following pillars: -

We source 100% of products from UK distributors and the UK dispatch system. This reduces our transport.
We use recycled materials and responsible sources of cardboard boxes. Our packaging materials are upcycled.
We use the online receipts to reduce printing and use an online tracking system.

Customer Safety and Marketing Policy

Customer safety is our prime objective. Our online ordering system is SSL secured and PCI compliant for any credit card processing. We take our product safety also very seriously. Our nutrition service is provided by university graduates and postgraduates in nutrition, food and dietetics. We are also registered with Informations Commissioner's Office (ICO) to upheld information rights for the public interest. Our marketing policy is strictly based on UK Marketing Law.

Who Are We and Where Are We Based

Our Head Office is based in the Heart of Bournemouth, UK. Bournemouth is a coastal resort town on the south coast of England. We are really proud to be in this coastal town. Our warehouse and distribution center for online operation is based here in Bournemouth and in York.

We are a very small business with university graduates and doctorate degree holders, who are dedicated to providing the best customer service at an affordable price. Our team is dotted across UK and internationally and owned without any bank loans or external liability.